Community Coordinator Needed at SASS (voluteer position)

Join the SA Secular Society team as a community coordinator (volunteer) in Johannesburg. This is a leadership position within the organisation who will oversee all Jhb activities.

Call for Volunteers

The South African Secular Society has gone from being just a few non-believers planning an organisation to a thriving, but small operation that engages with media, the public and non-religious people and groups around South Africa. At the moment our...

OGOD vs Schools Court Dates 15-17 May 2017

The OGOD vs Schools court case is due to be heard at the Johannesburg (South Gauteng) High Court next week 15 – 17 May 2017. We encourage all secularists and supporters in the area to join us at 9am (for 10h00) at the court in Pritchard Street, Johannesburg. Hans plans to have OGOD T-shirts available on Monday morning.

Doomed to Repeat History?

BLOG     VIDEOS     PODCASTS     BOOKS     CONTACT     DONATE BLOG VIDEOS PODCASTS BOOKS CONTACT DONATE BLOG VIDEOS PODCASTS BOOKS CONTACT DONATE Lately the South African press has been inundated with news stories about the so called doom pastor, a pastor that has...

Why I am not a militant atheist

What are the lesson we can learn from Brexit and Trump. How could the liberal establishment get it so wrong. How can the modern world want to revert back to the primitive, stupid, racist, xenophobic, and irrational world that we worked so hard to escape from?

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You Represent Atheism

If you are an atheist, you represent atheism. There is a disturbing view held by some atheists that a single person doesn’t represent the movement, so if that single person behaves poorly it’s totally okay and we should just move on and let it go. It’s time to speak up.

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Statement Regarding Pastor Steven Anderson

In keeping with the humanist values of the South African Bill of Rights, we call upon the South African government to heed the petition on created by Hendrik Baird, and deny Pastor Anderson entry into South Africa on his planned mission in September to spread hatred against LGBT people.

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