We have Whatsapp groups where like-minded people can share ideas and have discussions.

WhatsApp groups

We have a number of WhatsApp groups. Details below.

Atheist Chatter

Various topics and memes

You can join using this link on your phone:

Regional groups

We have a list of various regional groups. Meet and get to know other non-believers in your area, be informed of upcoming meets and activities and issues in your region

You can join using this link on your phone:


Atheist Response WhatsApp Group

Our purpose is, when someone is promoting religion on talk radio (or anything else to which one can respond), we alert each other and as many as possible of us SMS or phone in to give the secular point of view (remember to give the station’s contact details).

Guidelines: Try to stick to the group purpose. Some chit-chat and memes are OK, just “don’t be a dick”.

The group’s level of activity depends on the members. Use it when you want backup, and recruit new members when you meet an atheist who wants to DO something!

Mute the group if it is intrusive. Religion is a popular topic on early morning and late night talk radio, so members might post at odd hours.

You can join using this link on your phone: