We have Whatsapp groups where like-minded people can share ideas and have discussions. We have a number of WhatsApp groups. Due to spam bots and unsavory content posted into channels from outside sources, we have implemented captcha’s to safeguard our channels and members. Details below.

Do you feel your region could use a Secular Society WhatsApp group? SASS members have the option to apply to have a regional WhatsApp group of which they have administration rights on the group. You will become a SASS representative. Regional groups are great for discussing events in your direct proximity or even just having a get together and mingling with people in your direct community.

Topic focused groups

We have a few topic specific groups available on WhatsApp. These groups allow for those interested to have their voices heard and form part of the growing secular community. These groups are nation wide.

SASS: Secular Parenting

Parenting and the likes

Join us for chats and challenges you as a secular parent may be facing.

SASS: Asking for a friend

A safe space to ask questions others may frown upon

We welcome anyone who has questions about religion, or would like to gain insights or just a second opinion on a topic. You know, just asking for a friend.

Atheist Chatter

Talk to your fellow Atheists

Various topics and discussions, and memes…

Atheist Response

Media monitoring

When someone is promoting religion on talk radio (or anything else to which one can respond), we alert each other and as many as possible of us SMS or phone in to give the secular point of view (remember to give the station’s contact details).

Regional groups

We have a list of various regional groups. Meet and get to know other non-believers in your area, be informed of upcoming meets and activities and issues in your region.


Official SASS members may apply to become a WhatsApp group admin if you feel your region can benefit from it. We at the South African Secular Society wish to expand our reach throughout the country, we can only do this with your assistance.

All official South African Secular Society (SASS) Groups are subject the SASS code of conduct. Should you feel this is not the case, please contact us.

You can join using this link on your phone:


SASS: Bloemfontein

In the Free State

SASS: Cape Town

Western cape province

SASS: KwaZulu-Natal

KwaZulu Natal region


Northern areas of Gauteng

SASS: East rand

In Gauteng East Rand

SASS: SASS Eastern Cape

To arrange secular meetups and chat to atheists in the Eastern Cape. Share memes and fun

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