OGOD vs Schools Upcoming Court Dates – Video Chat

by Jani Greeff | 13 May 2017

The OGOD vs Schools court case is due to be heard at the Johannesburg (South Gauteng) High Court next week 15 – 17 May 2017. We encourage all secularists and supporters in the area to join us at 9am (for 10h00) at the court in Pritchard Street, Johannesburg. Hans plans to have OGOD T-shirts available on Monday morning.

Recently, Jani (President of SA Secular Society) chatted to Hans Pietersen of OGOD regarding what the case and what is expected to happen next week. Hans feels that the verdict will be largely in their (OGOD’s) favour. Watch this video below for their conversation.

We hope to see lots of support for this very important case at the court on Monday!