Community Coordinator Needed at SASS (volunteer position)

by Jani Schoeman | 14 Sept 2017

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A vacancy exists for the role of Community Coordinator (CC) within the South African Secular Society (SASS organisation website – Please note that like all positions at SASS, this is a volunteering position (and not a paid position). We do it for the love of our cause! 🙂

General Position Information:

The CC will report directly to the president of the organisation and will remain in close contact with her at all times. Due to the nature of the organisation and the large focus on building a physical community, the role of CC is a very central role within the organisation. The CC will need to be a driving force for the organisation and for the cause of secularism, as well as for the support of the non-religious community within South Africa.


  • A very strong understanding of secularism, atheism, and non-belief and knowledge of its context within South Africa
  • A passion for the building of secular communities
  • Above-average planning, management and organisational skills
  • High level of creativity in the planning of activities/events; must also be able to use creative writing in describing the activity/event using online platforms
  • Being a dynamic people’s person and a love for working with people
  • Ability to communicate efficiently with people of all flavours and according to the inclusive approach of the organisation
  • Online savviness – NB
  • Ability to work independently and solve any problems as they arise


Meetups (monthly)

  • Arranging all aspects of the secular group members’ monthly meetup event/activity
  • Researching, planning and scheduling the activity/event at least 3 weeks ahead of time on the Meetup app
  • Using creative writing skills to advertise events on Meetup, Facebook & other online platforms
  • Continuously following up with members’ questions and comments on the event
  • Attending and managing the event on the day
  • Corresponding with members who are lost/require directions to the venue

Events/Volunteering (every 2 months)

  • Researching relevant volunteering opportunities for the group to take part in
  • Planning and executing volunteering events
  • Recruiting, managing and encouraging volunteers
  • Training and supporting volunteers to execute their activities effectively


  • Organising our annual Xmas Party
  • Coordinating charity events
  • Reporting to the committee on community activities, and making suggestions for improvements / alterations
  • Attending organisational meetings when necessary (mostly online)

If you would like to apply for this position, please submit a motivational letter (or paragraph) via email to with the subject Community Coordinator Application. Sending in a CV is optional. If you have any questions, please contact us on the same address. We look forward to hearing from you!