February 28

Young Humanist grant

The goal of Young Humanist grants is to provide financial support to humanist organizations in developing countries and boost growth of their critical thinking skills and, ultimately, their broader development.
October 28

Humanists International

SASS became a member of Humanists International
March 3

Executive Committee

New EXCO was elected at AGM: President: Rick Raubenheimer, Vice-President: Wynand Meijer, Secretary: Judith Taylor, Treasurer: Wilhelm van Zyl
November 5

Marriage officers

Rudy Nadler-Nir become SASS’s first designated secular Marriage Officer.
July 1

Broad-based Involved and paid membership

SASS’s Executive Committee & Executive Members unanimously voted on SASS becoming more Broad-based Involved (political) and for having paid membership.
July 1

Marriage officers

SASS were officially allowed by the Department of Home Affairs to nominate individuals to become secular officiants.
February 20

SASS Bank account opened

Opened SASS Bank Account
February 14

Official NPO

Certificate of registry and Covering Letter was only collected from 69 Thusanong Building, Commissioner Street, Johannesburg on 14 February 2017.
September 23

NPO registration application

SASS was entered into the Department of Social Development’s registry as a NPO on 23 September 2016.
June 25

SASS Constitution was adopted

The Constitution of the South African Secular Society was adopted at a meeting of the Executive Committee held in Randburg on 25 June 2016.