South African Secular Society (SASS) to officially register secular marriage officers


Rick Raubenheimer, SASS Vice-President


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  • Eligible individuals can now apply to the Department of Home Affairs to become legally certified Marriage Officers with the South African Secular Society (SASS).
  • SASS now provides an openly secular avenue for couples.
  • Heterosexual and same-sex couples can now be married under the Civil Union Act  (Act No. 17 of 2006) by a SASS endorsed marriage officers.

We, the South Africa Secular Society, as a recognised non profit organisation, recently received approval from the Department of Home Affairs, whereby Marriage Officers can be legally certified under the banner of the South African Secular Society. With the support of our members, SASS’s application to the Department of Home Affairs was successful, and we can now recommend eligible members to the Department of Home Affairs to become legally certified Marriage Officers.

The wider import of this is that there is now an openly secular avenue for couples —whether same-sex or heterosexual— to legally marry in South Africa under the Civil Union Act. South Africa is a very religious country; the vast majority of registered Marriage Officers are affiliated with religious or spiritual organisations, not all of which are willing to marry same-sex couples or conduct non-religious ceremonies. SASS’s successful application to the Department of Home Affairs therefore upholds South Africa’s secular constitution and protects the rights and freedoms of its citizens.

The application process for eligible SASS members to become a marriage officer is now open, and our first two Marriage Officers (located in the Western Cape and Gauteng respectively) are currently completing the certification process. Information and details about becoming a SASS member and a secular Marriage Officer are available on our website (see below).

SASS is a registered non profit organisation (NPO 177-960) that strives to develop and promote secular values within local communities and the nation at large. We promote humanism, science and reason towards nurturing a free society where rationality and compassion prevail.For further information or inquiries, please contact us via our website: