The South African Secular Society (SASS) is happy to announce that it has received one Young Humanist grant of £4000 (approximately R77000) from Young Humanist International to develop a critical thinking course for schools in conjunction with DOEN and supported by the NHN (Nuwe Hervormings Netwerk).

The goal of Young Humanist grants is to provide financial support to humanist organizations in developing countries and boost growth of their critical thinking skills and, ultimately, their broader development.  The project will be supported by Humanists International’s Membership Engagement Manager, Giovanni Gaetani.

SASS would like to thank Young Humanist International for the grant, which was open to secular organisations from around the world. The award is a vote of confidence in SASS and its ability to successfully deliver this project.  

The project is part of a bigger program to unite interested and relevant roleplayers in the education space to engage with the Department of Basic Education (DBE) at national and provincial level. This collaboration will promote and protect secular values in our schools as espoused in the South African Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Should you or your organisation wish to be part of our project, you can submit a motivation letter to SASS to help develop this project.