The South African Secular Society represents secular activities and movements. We have a diverse collection of secular interest groups. These are various groups from around the country. The South African Secular Society is proud to support and endorse these groups and the impact they are driving.


OGOD won a landmark case in South Africa in 2017. They have levelled the playing field for all religions in public schools. No longer may one religion be promoted above another in the South African public shools.

Hans Pietersen, founder of OGOD, won the SASS 2017 “Secular person of the year” award.

Nuwe Hervorming Netwerk

Ons is ‘n netwerk van kreatiewe denkers wat vrylik gesels oor ons soeke na sin, mekaar met idees stimuleer en inspireer en hierdie lewe in die ‘nou’ as ‘n kosbaarheid uitleef. Hier gesels ons graag, maar ons luister ook graag na mekaar. Dit bring mee dat enigiemand sy of haar lewensvraagstukke in ‘n veilige omgewing kan deel.

Secular Policy Institute

SASS is a member of the Secular Coalition of the USA-based Secular Policy Institute.

The Secular Policy Institute (SPI) is a think tank organization of thought leaders,  writers, scholars and speakers with a  shared mission to influence public opinion and promote a secular society. We believe governmental decisions and public policies should be based on available science and reason, and free of religion or religious preferences.

Recovering From Religion (RfR)

Recovering from Religion is a USA-based nonprofit set up to help people who doubt their beliefs, or have questions about changing or leaving their faith. RfR connects clients with support, resources, community, and most of all, hope. There are two forms of support available from their website: volunteer-staffed peer support (via on-line chat and telephone hotline) and professional support via the Secular Therapy Project. Secular volunteers and professional therapists worldwide are invited to participate in the project.

The Free Society Institute

The FSI is a South African non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting free speech, free thought and scientific reasoning. We are advocates for the values of secular humanism.