Telegram chat groups.

We, the South Africa Secular Society, is helping people who seek to live good lives without religious or superstitious beliefs to meet in their local area.  The idea is to build a community where members can freely chat and get to know each other.

Telegram is a real time chat application, similar to WhatsApp and Messenger. You can get the Telegram application from your relevant App Store / Play Store More details on the app and where to get it is at the bottom of this page.

Do you feel your region could use a Secular Society Telegram group? SASS members have the option to apply to have a regional Telegram group of which they have administration rights on the group. You will become a SASS representative. Regional groups are great for discussing events in your direct proximity or even just having a get together and mingling with people in your direct community.

Topic focused groups

These groups allow for those interested to have their voices heard and form part of the growing secular community. These groups are nation wide.

SASS: Secular Parenting

Join us for chats and challenges you as a secular parent may be facing.

SASS: Asking for a friend

We welcome anyone who has questions about religion, or would like to gain insights or just a second opinion on a topic. You know, just asking for a friend

Secular Chatter

Various topics, memes and whatever is on your mind. This is a national group.

Atheist response

When someone is promoting religion on talk radio (or anything else to which one can respond), we alert each other and as many as possible of us SMS or phone in to give the secular point of view (remember to give the station’s contact details).


Broadcasting channel only, no chatting option available. Here we notify you of any coming events, happenings or relevant news.

Regional groups

We have a list of various regional groups. Meet and get to know other non-believers in your area, be informed of upcoming meets and activities and issues in your region.

We have a list of various regional groups. Meet and get to know other non-believers in your area, be informed of upcoming meets and activities and issues in your region.

Official SASS members may apply to become a Group admin if you feel your region can benefit from it. We at the South African Secular Society wish to expand our reach throughout the country, we can only do this with your assistance.

All official South African Secular Society (SASS) Groups are subject the SASS code of conduct. Should you feel this is not the case, please contact us.

SASS is Moving from WhatsApp to Telegram

For a number of months SASS has been engaging with its members and supporters using the  chat application WhatsApp.

This includes a number of chat groups ranging from regional specific to topic specific. As we have grown our base of on line engagements, we have also learned the platforms and some limitations that accompany them.


We at SASS will be moving all our chat communication from WhatsApp to Telegram.

  • Privacy
    You can hide your username and/or telephone number.
  • Channels and groups
    Channels are used to only promote / broadcast events – chat is not available.
    Groups allow a much larger base of people to connect to the same group in Telegram
  • Chat history
    When joining with a group in Telegram, you can scroll back into the history of the group before you even joined to see previous discussions, WhatsApp only allows you the group history from the date you joined.
  • Group management
    Telegram allows for better control on content and posts, especially removing unsavory and or spam posts.
  • Web client
    Simple to use web based client makes it easy to chat from your PC:

For more information

on Telegram and where to get it for your device:

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