Marriage Officer Application Form

This is the application to become an officiant for the South African Secular Society (SASS).

A officiant (or celebrant) performs secular humanist ceremonies for weddings, funerals, child naming, coming of age, and other rituals. Of these, a wedding is the only service for which the officiant must be registered: Without this, the marriage is not legal in South Africa. The Department of Home Affairs certifies Marriage Officers, who must be from a recognised organisation.

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has registered SASS to have members designated as Marriage Officers under the Civil Union Act. SASS thus provides an avenue for the non-religious in South Africa to marry legally. We do same-sex and heterosexual marriages.

SASS upholds South Africa’s secular Constitution and protects the rights of secular citizens by making this service available to our paying Members. To be a Member of SASS, you must accept the SASS Mission Statement and Ethos and SASS Code of Conduct

Please STOP NOW and STUDY the SASS Mission Statement and Ethos.  Kindly note that we have a rational, science-based worldview that supports Humanism, freethought, “Brights”, non-religion, atheism and agnosticism. SASS will definitely NOT accept you as a member or a Marriage Officer if you support any supernatural beliefs, including belief in a god or gods, devils, angels, fairies, tokolosh, witchcraft, astrology, psychics, homeopathy, Creationism, crystal healing, and similar nonsense. 
If you practice any religion, please do not waste your time and ours by applying: In that case we thank you for your interest, and invite you to return when you have abandoned superstition, and instead taken reason and reality as your guide.

To become a SASS Marriage Officer, you must be a paying member of SASS, and have paid for at least three months. The process will include an interview, supplying character references, and passing an examination on the Civil Union Act.  SASS will give you the study material.

To apply, complete and submit the questionnaire below.  Keep a copy of your responses; they will NOT be emailed to you.

One of the questions asks at which Department of Home Affairs office you want to write your examination: Use the DHA Office Locator on and check with that office that it offers the Marriage Officer examination.  The exam takes two hours. The pass mark is 75%.

According to the Civil Union Act (2006), “14(2) Any marriage officer who demands or receives any fee, gift or reward for or by reason of anything done by him or her as marriage officer in terms of this Act, shall be guilty of an offense and liable on conviction to a fine or, in default of payment, to imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months.”  If you are applying to develop another income stream, please do not bother!

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