Marriage Officer Inquiry

If you are interested in becoming a secular officiant then let us know. We will contact you to explain the process in more detail.

A officiant or celebrant is a person who performs secular humanist celebratory services for weddings, funerals, child naming, coming of age ceremonies and other rituals. Of these ceremonies, a wedding is the only service for which the officiant needs to be officially registered: Without this, the marriage is not legal in South Africa. The Department of Home Affairs certifies Marriage Officers, who must be endorsed by a recognised organisation.

More details – FAQ

Steps involved

  • Complete and submit the Officiant Application
  • Prepare for a SASS interview
  • Application is submitted at the Department of Home Affairs
  • An is taken exam at the Department of Home Affairs

How long does it take

Anywhere between 1 to 6 months. After your submitted application and interview, the paperwork is sent to the Department of Home Affairs where you will be issued a letter stating where you must complete your exam (approximately 1-2 months). You have 6 months time to pass the exam after Home Affairs have accepted your application.

What do I need to submit

South African Secular Society

Complete the on-line application form with details required

  • Experience
  • References examples

Department of Home Affairs

  • South African ID
  • SASS reference letter

What does it cost?

You need to be a paying member of the South African Secular Society. SASS only endorses it’s own members.

Cost: SASS membership (R100 p.m.)

  • Support your application to Home Affairs.
  • Supply the studying material
  • Promote & recommend your services