Marriage Officer

We, the South African Secular Society, are recruiting secular officiants who are interested in performing secular humanist celebratory services including weddings, funerals, child naming, coming of age ceremonies and other rituals. SASS also maintains a list of accredited celebrants who are available in South Africa to perform secular ceremonies but are not necessarily affiliated with us.

A wedding is the only service for which the officiant needs to be officially registered. SASS is registered at the Department of Home Affairs to legally certify Marriage Officers.

This means that there is now an openly secular avenue for couples —whether same-sex or heterosexual— to legally marry in South Africa under the Civil Union Act. South Africa is a very religious country; the vast majority of registered Marriage Officers are affiliated with religious or spiritual organisations, not all of which are willing to marry same-sex couples or conduct non-religious ceremonies. With this project SASS upholds South Africa’s secular constitution and protects the rights and freedoms of its citizens.

The application process for eligible SASS members to become an officiants is now open. For more information on how to become an officiant, have a look at our inquiry and application forms.