South Africa is a democratic society with a diverse population of different cultures, languages and religions. This should be particularly evident in our public schools where no particular religious ethos should be dominant over and suppress others. The South African Secular Society believes, however, that too many public schools do not protect the equal religious rights of all their learners and do not live up to our core constitutional and democratic values.

In order to promote secular schooling and the separation of church and state in South Africa, the South African Secular Society developed these resources to approach the matter in public fora or on social media.  Hopefully this will help parents to defend their rights and those of their children.

The idea is to bring together interested and relevant roleplayers in the education space to engage with the Department of Basic Education (DBE) at national and provincial level to promote and protect secular values in our schools as contained in the South African Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Reporting Religious Discrimination in Public Schools