Volunteer Application

We at SASS are a small team of people that is trying to make a big difference in South Africa. We are in need of your skills. If you would like to help out as a volunteer, please complete the form below and we will get back to you.

Please note that Volunteers are drawn from Members of SASS, who have already shown their allegiance by supporting SASS financially (Membership costs R100/month or R1000/year paid up front –plus any donations you like). While it might seem strange to ask for your time and then also for your money, we are looking for volunteers that have a level of commitment above that of the ordinary member.

Bookkeeper/AccountantHR Manager (On-boarding / Recruitment)Communications Manager (Internal and External)Marketing Manager (copy writing; manage all web and design)Web designer / DeveloperBloggerMedia Volunteer (videos & podcasts)Community Coordinator (Meetup and Events manager)Executive Secretary for SASS (all admin)